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Thursday, 11 February 2010

'Every Hindu and Sikh should be praising the BNP' | Politics | The Guardian‏

Very interesting. I always try to see everyone's point of view, and I can see why a Sikh would join the BNP, of course. Sikhs and Muslims have a pretty narcy history, so one taking sides against the other is hardly surprising. The far left's love-in with Islam mean that we could get into a case where the far-left and far-right have become so focused on Islam that they become engrained in that fight. That's the last thing we need.
What we need is community cohesion, a proper meritocracy where people are treated for who they are and what they do. A Muslim terrorist should be treated the same as a white, black, Sikh, Jew or mixed terrorist, to use an extreme example.
If blocs form and start seeing the other as the enemy then the country could end up torn apart, with the likes of Griffin cheering the split in the country they claim to love as it will enhance their power.
It's easy to judge people on their skin colour or background, but something wicked that way lies

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