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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Using immigration to turn Britain into a nation of Labour voters is so shameful I can hardly believe it | Mail Online‏

Cynical WUM moment of the year goes to this cunt.
Are Labour importing immigrant to vote Labour? No. for a start you have to qualify for it.
For another it's a standard tory lie to whip up anti-immigrant and anti-labour feeling.
It's pretty fucking shameful

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Brittanicus said...

There is an illegal alien deterrent gaining momentum in the United States. It is called E-Verify, a computer program that could be adapted for Britain's use.Through not mandated, is becoming very popular in the business sector. Using the Social Security, Homeland Security data bases it identifies unauthorized workers. Right now penalties are not that strict, but public attention is reigning in corrupt politicians who are pandering to open border lobbyists. If you want to learn more go to NUMBERSUSA Dot Com and JUDICIAL WATCH Dot Org in America for inspiration that patriotic indigenous British/English can use. INTRODUCE THIS IDEA TO YOUR MORE HONEST CONSERVATIVE AND LABOR REPRESENTATIVES?