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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

BBC Sport: Chris Charles: Quotes of the week‏

Quote of the year:
"31. At 3:19pm on 10 Feb 2010, Frederick_S_Kitty wrote:
"...time running out quickly for Utrecht"
Australian commentator during PSV v Utrecht, near the end of the match. As far as I know time runs out at the same rate.
(Dhaval Jogia, UK)


Great blog as always Chris!

The above quote got me thinking. As we all know clocks run at different speeds at different altitudes according to general relativity. Clocks tick faster at lower altitudes.

purvect describes this well (3rd post down)

Eindhoven and Utrecht are at different elevations so the clock will run at different rates at their respective grounds.

The average elevation of Eindhoven, Netherlands is 19 meters.

The average elevation of Utrecht, Netherlands is 1 meters.

So according to general relativity a game at Eindhoven last longer than at Utrecht so the Utrecht players will have more urgency as they play more games at the higher rate.

But conversely if they play at Eindhoven with greater urgency they have more time (at least hypothetically) so time would run out slower...

But it does depend where the game was played which isn't mentioned.

I think I've got that right.

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