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Monday, 22 February 2010

idiot quote of the day

Idiot quote of the day:
"Good grief.
After all these years of Labour with Britain declining, our surveillance big brother society, the unemployed numbers rocketing, our manufacturing sector crucified, printing money like we are some banana republic state, massive hidden debt pile that we are building up for our children's children, huge public sector pension black hole, pound devaluing massively and about to lose our AAA credit rating etc etc.

If after all that, the British public STILL vote Labour , they DESERVE everything they get.
They DESERVE another 5 years of LABOUR."

I mean, it's pretty much ranting by numbers. Many of the things aren't even close to being true, the ones that aren't pure fantasy are at least a long distance from the truth.
But I wonder whether these people actually believe this, or are they just being WUMs? If they do believe it I think they need their eyes/brains tested

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