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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tory cuts pave the way for a return to 80s dole queues

Ol' Comrade Polly finally seems to have realised there's an election on and that Labour are going to loose. To be fair, for the last couple of months her articles have been rallying calls, pointing out how wonderful Labour is and hoe crappy the Tories are. Obvious, but a necessary step.
I have limited experience of signing on, I did it for a month and was then told that I wasn't eligible because I hadn't earned enough. I was lucky in that I found a job, but being a temp my contract is coming to an end and I shall once again be on the look out, so lock up your jobs.
Toynbee paints a wonderful black and white picture of government investment being great while cuts would leave people begging to be let into the workhouse, but I think she's broadly right. Even if her article is as subtle as cracking a nut with a nuclear bomb, she's going on the right track.
Let's just hope that come mid-April those job centres are doing their good work and can help this fine bearded individual back into employment

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