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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Mark Easton's UK: A duty to keep informed?‏

I think politics is important, but it's a choice whether or not to be interested/informed.

""There can be no question that journalism itself has contributed to its declining reputation by succumbing to sensationalism, tabloidization, and public relations. The profession is not only a victim but an actor in this process. But the problem is that, in contrast to most other professions, challenges to journalism are challenges to democracy! When the public is less interested in civic news and when the quality of the news is on the decline, the basis for informed public discourse is undermined."" interesting stance.

Politics does matter, it does make a difference, and there are differences between the parties. Those who are most deeply involved in politics are also the most dogmatic about it. It's far easier for someone not interested/involved in politics to stay objective, while those who are deeply involved/interested are almost never objective. There are merits and de-merits.

Does this mean that those who ARE interested in politics hold undue sway because there are less people putting their pennies in?

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