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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Voters recognise they need Vince to moderate George

I didn't hear about the latest Ozzy economics idea, but it's taken apart quite brilliantly by Toynbee here. The one thing that gives me hope is that the staff in the treasury, as the SMF director told me, stop the chancellor doing anything stupid. Some may argue they were sleeping on the job when Gordy was there, but that's overly harsh.
The end bit about this election being winnable is also true. If someone more popular than Gordy was in Labour would probably win by a distance, but no-one else who opposes him has the networks or bollocks to remove him, as repeatedly shown. So we (Labour) have the leader we deserve, and soon the country will have the Prime Minister it both deserves and wants. If that's Cameron, I despair. But at least he's better than the further right in his party. Ozzy is a bit of a shocker and could probably do with being demoted before getting a proper top job. The like of a Ken Clarke or David Davies probably needs to be chancellor if it MUST be a Tory (bastard).
Having said all that, if the Tories get in this time and make a pig's arse out of it, we might be back in the next time for (hopefully) another long spell of government, with just odd short spells of the Tories coming in to make a mess of things before we go back and clean up. Let's hope.


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Paul Garrard said...

I hope we don't let the tories in to mess things up. It does seem as though we have all to play for!

Bearded Socialist said...

dunno, a few years of unemployment might give us a chance to do some good

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