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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

So many things to cover

Good work from Boris Watch:

Some good work from Polly Toynbee, though many will disagree:
Tackles tough issues such as how to raise some money and where it should go

Without doubt one of the most interesting and relevant bits of Budget analysis which, if true, supports the kind of big ol' lefty spending binge that gives me a warm feeling inside and makes me feel slightly sexy:
there was no evidence the financial markets were concerned about the level of government debt. "Market based perceptions for borrowing costs over the next decade remain below 5%. Increased borrowing in the budget would make virtually no difference to these costs," it said.

So the Budget eh?
It is imperative that the Government invests in this buget, putting money into house-building, retraining and doing all it can to create jobs. Getting people off the dole and into jobs, and keeping jobs, have got to be the priorities.
If that means more debt, then so be if (if it can be raised at a good level)
Now i've got a slightly different take on this than most people, because I am young enough to BE the generation that will have to pay all this debt off. Investment is the key, my dear boy. Companies should do it during recession, if they can get the credit, which they need to be able to. Government should invest too, in part to keep the wolves from the door and thus build up a bigger problem next time

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