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Friday, 24 April 2009

Boris Johnson

Two things I saw in the free London papers on my way to a gig last night gave me hope. One was that I would be better off as a result of the budget.
The other is that Boris is going to launch an assault on Number 10, intending to outflank Cameron to the right and become PM himself.
He’s opposing the new tax rate and calling all Tories to do the same, which Cameron has not yet committed to.
Anyway, this will be good if it helps tear the Tories apart, making them unelectable and leaving Labour as the only party. Under the policy direction of the Bearded Socialist, who will then nationalise Southend United and plough money into them, making them the biggest team in the world at the end of the ten year plan.
Ok, gets a bit off topic, but the plan is there.

In case anyone thinks he’s got good ideas for education:
“He also waded into the issue of academic selection. He told the Spectator magazine that allowing state schools to select on academic merit was the answer “as everybody knows but dare not admit”.”!+Boris+Johnson+starts+No10+battle/

This comment on the above link amused me:
“Oh Boris! He's so funny on quiz shows and it's hilarious the way he goes 'Blah blah blah' when asked awkward questions, terribly amusing the way he has exposed Londoners to more congestion, more pollution, more traffic, more accidents, potentially millions of pounds of fines from the EU, the way his advisers keep resigning in disgrace, the habit he has of scrapping press conferences and making his office less and less accountable. Once he's ruined London he can go on to ruin the country because people seem to like to vote for bumbling, dishonest politicians who have been sacked from every job they've ever held. Except it isn't funny any more. It was predicted that Johnson would lose interest in the job once he realised it would involve actual hard work. Instead the power seems to have gone to his head. A joke, now possibly a joke on a national scale. God help us.”

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