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Monday, 20 April 2009

A lost generation?

So the Tories are talking about a lost generation of young employed, and their usual ability to make money appear out of nowhere without causing inflation. If they could really do that they deserve to be in power, but it seems too good to be true, and it is.

So, how do we get those people into jobs? That to me is key: jobs. I am very in favour of Professor David Bell's opinion as expressed on the World At One today. I am doubtful about raising the school leaving age, for reasons of cost and capacity.
I think creating jobs for those in need is probably key, so that's where I'd like the emphasis.

Also, good to see the Lib Dems talking about cutting taxes for the worst off, with it paid for by the better off.
I'm in favour of that idea, and i still like the idea of taking those on the minimum wage out of income tax, if necessary with money raised by increasing other taxes.

Good to see the Lib Dems now taking big strides to the left, with talk of loopholes and all that. cracking. Funny how they took a stride to the right, now are back to the left. That's the joy of being the centre-ist third party.


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