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Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Any excuse to attack the Tories. And very good points made in today's FT:

Dan Hannan calling the NHS a huge socialist mistake or words to that effect is a big thing as it leaves the Tories in a bind. Do they support it? Do they oppose its current state? Do they propose anything else, or just a little trim off the edges? I have no idea, but then i wouldn't.

Inheritance tax. Tax cuts for the rich doesn't always go down well, and if Labour can highlight it enough then....what? well, nothing most likely. No one will care and it will get through and we'll ALL (diclaimer: very loose definition of 'all') suffer so that the richest can benefit. So much for their opposition to taxes on jobs, the priority is to cut taxes on inheritance. And there seems nothing to be done to stop it.

George Osbourne attacking teachers and nurses living "an age of excess" oh dear oh dear. Let's hope that gets out there so that, erm, well nothing. Again. see above.

Also, i include this below in case the internet buggers up again and i can't post it:

"Even Parliamentary candidates feel frustration with the Labour Party from time to time. I cannot pretend that everything we have done in Government has met with my approval, but the reason why I am out campaigning every week is because there is a bigger picture here.

Any party that purports to represent the majority of people in this country has to be a broad church. The Labour Party is a coalition of like-minded people with similar ideals. This inevitably means that compromises have to be reached, and there will be policies that do not leave everyone contented.

You should still be voting Labour because we are still the party that believes in cooperation, fairness, and a society where you are valued for what you do not who your parents were or how much you have stashed in a bank. We are the party that forged and supported all the radical legislation over the last century. We are the party of the NHS, equality, the minimum wage, job creation. We are not a perfect Government, although that is our aim."

Julian Lane, you beauty

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Julian Ware-Lane said...

Thanks for the praise. Can I be pedantic and point out that my surname is actually "Ware-Lane"?

Good blog.