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Friday, 17 April 2009

American Socialism

I took great heart when seeing this:

stating that 33% of those sampled favour Socialism. Great, i thought. However, the numbers are easily unpicked as socialism is not defined, but rather "understood as the opposite of capitalism".
Well, it's a start at least. And when going into the details it seems people favour good lefty things like redistribution, egalitarianism, and greater democracy. Now, democracy and the left don't always go together (x-ref New Labour for example).
But it's good to see anyways


Julian Ware-Lane said...

I see nothing undemocratic in the modern Labour Party. It may not fit in with everyone's ideas as to how policy etc should be made, but there is still accountability there. I think some people do not enjoy change!

Bearded Socialist said...

You're right to call me up on this, I feel a bit Tory for saying that. What I mean is that there are some strong centralising instincts on the left, which may in their way be a bit undemocratic by definition.

Also there are possible threats (real or imagined) to civil liberties, free speech, right to demonstrate in Parliament Square etc.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a paid up member, but I do believe that some on the left DO hoard centrally which goes against grass roots democracy.

Good debate to have