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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Tough Tory-ism and why I am in the Labour party (my favourite post yet probably)

Andrew Alexander here:

Gives a perfect example of why a Labour government is needed and what dangers exist if the Tories do get in. Now, while I accept that Cameron wants to paint the party as more centrist and caring than the Daily Mail, the party outside of the leadership is still much more in line with the likes of Alexander.
He starts on the premise that all public spending is bad, and all spending on health and education MUST be cut, especially anything that goes to poor people. The prime example being the need to cut public spending on buildings, because it is the poorer who suffer from poor infrastructure the most, while the richer don't need to worry.

Development spending, or international aid or whatever you want to call it is of course wrong and 'corrupting'

The EU is of course terrible and we should leave.

This is a reminder of why I am in the Labour party. Either us (Labour) or the Tories will be the government, not just in the coming election but the vast majority. The Tory party is still the party of cuts to tax and spending. The spending cuts will hit the worst-off the hardest, and this just show cases the kind of people I want to work to keep away from Government


Innocent Abroad said...

Alexander's right about scrapping our nukes, though.

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