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Monday, 6 April 2009

Corruption in politics

Corrupt politicians is very much the current news thing. So is ranting and raving against them. What we really need is a clean-up politics movement within the Labour party to try and expose and end the corrupt practices on all sides.
The danger is that the anti-corruption movement will be captured by someone else, from BNP to SWP to someone else, who will be able to hover up votes from people who believe that all politicians are all on the take. There are a great many politicians (yes, even Tories) who are in politics because they want to change the world, make it a better place etc. and are not corrupt individuals. However, being as the story of the moment is corruption, all politicians are being tarred with the same brush.
as a result we have lots of these Free Politics from Corruption! groups springing up from the margins, but what about those from WITHIN the parties?
Labour are getting attacked at the moment, and probably rightly so. The other parties aren't, but this is not a partisan post (for once). SO, where are our cheerleaders against corruption? Where is our movement to clean up politics, at very least the public perception.
A successful campaign of this order would do us all a great deal of good

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