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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Essex Vs Kent



Rana said...

I'm not sure that the blog is best mechanism for brief hour-by-hour updates
but you should check mine for very brief day-by-day updates, at least during the IPL, because I can't imagine you'd watch it.

Re the England squad, Bopara is surely the perfect number 6, particularly with Freddie not playing. He needs to bowl a bit too. Perhaps Foster at 7, Broad at 8. I still think Bell is the best number 3 in the country - Rob Key is the only one close to him.

Bearded Socialist said...

I'm celebrating Essex's success, so it won't happen too often. In the Championship anyway, we're useful in the one day arena.

I'm surprised by Bopara at three. Bell is good but needs to score runs when he's in. It's a cliche because it's true, that he'll get a brilliant 20 then get out. Not good enough for a number three.
Key is a possibility, but i think he doesn't move his feet enough and needs a chance. I saw him get 221 Vs West Indies, and he was dropped on about 12. He won't find lives so easy to come by against the best teams. I would like to see him succeed, but i don't think he will.
Recently England have been unable to take 20 wickets, so I think we need the extra bowler. I'm happy to play Broad at 7, he's got potential now I want to see if he's really good enough to bat that high, or higher. Bopara has some potential bowling, but is not threatening at the moment