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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tory Blogs inc. who should and shouldn't be allowed to vote

Today’s blog:
There are some real gems to be had reading Tory blogs. Iain 'Gloating' Dale for example. Now i don't attribute the following to him as he did not say them, but the party to which he belongs has these people as members also:

For people voting Labour:
"the electorate rely were all living in a fools paradise."

"Much of what Peter Hitchens writes makes perfect sense."
Says it all

This is disgusting:
"I have mentioned over on The Speccie several times, that the welfare sector should not be accorded a vote. There is no sane reason why they should be having a say in how other people's money is spent.

I would give someone who loses his job - especially in these parlous times - around a year to become a producer again, then remove their name from the electoral roll."
that those in the public sector or recieving benefits should be denied the right to vote. sick

Usual Daily Mail stuff about how the Politically Correct Fascists have taken over:
"Iain likes David Cameron. I don't. I think he is false. And weak. And, like the man he is heir to, he sees his ultimate future at the top table of the EUSSR.

We need someone with the vigour, vision and tenacity to clear out this overwhelming mess of the destruction of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and our second chamber; the destruction of our civil liberties and the imposition of thought Fascism; a police force that is out of control, trough feeders in Parliament not attending to the business of the country, the wanton destruction of our educational system, the sell-out to Europe, the obeissance to Islam - indeed, the whole Gramsciesque march through our institutions.

It's all got to be rolled back. It's going to be one hell of a task."

Just bonkers:
"However since then, times have now become critical and are becoming more so every day. The New World Order, world communism or world FASCISM, as my grandfather used to call it, is now here and has its feet firmly planted on the dining room table. While the metaphorical Panza's are already parked up in the local Tesco's Car Park.

It seems that the only conservatives that have noticed, are myself and Dr Sean Gabb.

Cameron never even mentions The New World Order, even though Gordon Brown does constantly, and seems to believe that The New World Order is the best thing since the first coming.

We can not afford another Thatcher, and we can not afford another Labour government, ever again. The Lib/Dems are a complete NO NO as they have always been the party of The New World Order, ever since it was called The Wigg Party.

Cameron evidently has the future of this country in his hands.

Therefore it is no wonder conservatives are nervous to say the least. ( personally I believe that if conservatives fully understood their true position right now, they would be unable to leave their toilet seats. )

This country in association with the USA has been set up for a very big fall of the THIRD REICH variety. In very much the same manner as Germany was during the 1930's.

History is indeed repeating itself. This time the free world, or whats left of it, is going to lose more completely and with more far reaching consequences then even Hitler did.

The German people especially German Jews, were effectively murdered and fleeced by The Zionist Roman Catholic Church and its very own world banking system. Now they are coming for us and the US, as well as possibly the rest of the worlds Jews.

I will vote Conservative, but I fear that the next time will not be the last because a better alternative will somehow magically appear.

This will be the last time, because it will in reality turn out to be the last election this country will ever have.

The next Conservative government will have effectively a world war on its hands, or something that will seem every bit as serious, and certainly more murderous.

Under these circumstances only a liar, crook or an utter fool would want to be PM of this rapidly dieing and already bankrupt country.

The only people who can save us, is US the people.

No longer can we trust our parliament ( if indeed we ever could ) to deliver us justice and liberty. We must fight for freedom, with every ounce of our being, and until our last breath leaves our lips, if required. Cameron will either be with us or against us, we will find out for sure soon enough.

Then the real 'fun' starts.

As Dr Gabb is well practiced as saying.

Conservatism has never been stronger with regards to the British people. It is the political representatives of conservatism, that have quietly exited the political stage.

We are not being presented with the best of both the left and right world. We are being FORCED, kicking and screaming, into the worst of all worlds. The sooner you yourself Iain, and other mainstream conservatives understand this, the better for us all.


Iain remember this, because people like myself surly will.

There is no point this time blaming everything on the last lot, however logical the argument my seem. The Conservative Party has been in opposition for 11 years. This while Gordon and his side kick Tony conspired to rob the people blind. Yet all Cameron and co would spout on about, despite the best efforts of the party's membership, was either GREEN or even more obvious criminally inspired establishment nonsense.

Therefore the Conservative Party leadership as well as its grandees, major contributors, and other assorted big wigs, are almost as much to blame for our current state of deliberately conspired bankruptcy, as Brown and Blair, if not more so.

Sorry one more BTW

Hitchins can not be trusted anymore then his soused bother. They are both from the same stable, and their politics is far more similar then they pretend. Both of them are in my opinion, unwitting or not, servants of the same foreign power, both authoritarians, and are both FASCISTS. They may be standing on different sides of the wicket, but they both bat for the same team.

Atlas shrugged."

More about how benefit claimants and public sector workers should not be allowed to vote. Except the army, of course:
“At April 20, 2009 10:31 PM , Verity said...
Mr Angry, the Conservative leadership is wedded to the social democrat ethos and world government. David Cameron announced that he was the heir to Blair in Parliament? Why did people, given his record, think he didn't mean it?

Anonymous 7:48. As I have mentioned on the Speccie several times, there are two segments of the population that should be disenfranchised. One is the welfare sector as mentioned heretofore. The other is the public sector.

The public sector is a little more difficult because it does include some whose labours contribute to the wealth of the country and to trade.

Sorting that out would be harder than simply disenfranching all the non-employed.

The military, for example, should obviously retain the vote. What about the police? Once I would have said yes. Now I would say "under no circumstances". By the same token, some pockets of the fire service have become too politicised - as in the service that is offering Islamic women firefighters (oh, pulleeeeeze) the opportunity to run up ladders with hoses and rescue people while wearing hijabs and burqas.

What about the NSH? Again, I would disenfranchise them (actually, I'd slash them in half, and then disenfranchise them), but these are grey areas and up for discussion.

Which is why I didn't mention the public sector in my previous post. I was going to bring it up later, if anyone showed any interest in my first proposal.

OAPs - I would accord the continued right to vote, given that those at this age now have probably worked and contributed all their lives. After that, it should be based on some formula of quarters worked.“
Crazy people

Same woman again:
“Verity said...
Anonymous 12:09 - no one said it would be easy. Details later. But the dross has to be swept out and Britain has to agree, once again, after a gap of almost 20 years, what is civilised government and what are its limitations.

This will not happen under David Cameron's leadership. of "the Tories". He is too clearly the self-declared heir to Blair, the most hideously destructive prime minister ever to occupy the office.

It was a stupid statement to make, and ordering a standing ovation for the most evil man ever to occupy the office was not just foolish, but hostile to all our country means to us.

I have said before that I don't care that David Cameron was a jerk when he was at uni. He shares that title with thousands. It is that he has an agenda that is anti-British and destructive to our ancient, very hard won with the blood of our ancestors, sovereignty.”

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