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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Andrew Rawnsley on Labour's future

Going back a bit, but an interesting piece by Rawnsley on Labour.
One quote i like about the lack of scrutiny of the Tories in the media:
"Many in the media are treating the Conservatives as the next government while not subjecting the Tories to the scrutiny that should accompany that assumption. If Labour wants some heat put on the Tories, it will have to get off its knees and do the job itself."

"The latest chatter about a coup is not an answer to Labour's problems, but a symptom of it. The constant moaning from within the government's ranks about the ineptness of the leader is a form of therapy for their collective failure to take the battle to the Tories."
all too true

"There are still things for Labour to play for if they could summon the energy, willpower and wit to get back in the game. The mood of the country is not so much surging enthusiasm for a Conservative government as a weary resignation that this is what it is going to get. Even David Cameron concedes that he has not yet "sealed the deal" with the electorate."
again true, but it seems people are choosing the least worse option, rather than any great enthusiasm for either side.

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