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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

London Transport policy

on my way to work this morning I thought the 521 bus looked odd. That's because it's now half the size.
Boris Johnson's campaign against bendy busses has lead to reduced capacity, as outlined here.

Although i don't mind the bendies, it's the spending lots of money on reducing capacity without replacing it that annoys me


"A second bus route, the 521 which links Waterloo and London Bridge, is to be stripped of bendy buses from today. Will Londoners be hurling their hats in the air for joy, as the brotherhood of bendy-haters have long claimed? Seems unlikely, according to Martin at Mayorwatch:

The route is the second to replace the bendy buses with shorter, lower capacity, single deck vehicles. To make up for the loss of capacity more buses will need to operate on the route but even this won't guarantee everyone a seat. Using Transport for London's own figures of 15 bendy buses per hour compared to 24 of the single deck buses per hour, seating capacity will fall from 735 seats per hour to just 504.

Hold tight, please. Wasn't the lack of seats in bendys compared with other types of bus among the reasons bendy-haters offered to justify their strange, obsessional campaign?"

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