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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Bearded Socialists needs a new job.
Any offers?


Julian Ware-Lane said...

You've been sacked?

Bearded Socialist said...

contract not renewed, but thanks for the vote of confidence (joke).
my time came to an end and they want to move on, fair enough.
may allow me to be more political in future, but that depends on what job i get next

Exile said...

The last time that I had a job with holiday pay and sickness allowance it ended in 1981. Since then I have done any number of shitty jobs on both sides of the Atlantic, all under contract. The longest any of them lasted was five years.

This is capitalism - get used to it.

Bearded Socialist said...

sad but true

Robert Brown said...

I am sorry to hear that, but I do not have a job to offer you.

Anything on 'work for MP'?, you are obviously more than qualified for many of the jobs.

Other than that take advantage of the social securities Labour have secured you before the Tories get in and dismantle it all.

Julian Ware-Lane said...

I wish I had it in my power to offer you a job. Good luck with the job hunting.

Bearded Socialist said...

I haven't had a proper look yet, but i'm on getting on it.
I might adapt my blog to the job-searching of the bearded socialist. hope it doesn't come to that, but it should give me more time on here.

I'd like to think i'm qualified, but we'll see

Bearded Socialist said...

Thanks Julian, appreciate that.
I've heard there might be a vacancy as Labour Party Leader pretty soon, though being both bearded and a socialist I might not be qualified.
Bit too young me thinks, even though the trend is in my favour

Julian Ware-Lane said...

Being a socialist should criterion number one for the post of party leader. Still, not being an MP might be a hindrance.

I think I am right in stating that only Keir Hardie has been a Labour leader with a beard - your rise to the top would be a neat circle.

Dave said...

Sincerely best of luck.

It's a shame though the economy has been brought to such an appalling state due to Labour's mismanagement of it. It’s making it much harder for everyone.

Bearded Socialist said...

I'm hoping to enlist the support of Keith Flett and the Beard Liberation Front in my quest to be Labour leader. But I might be getting ahead of myself there, being an MP first would help.
Now, who'd have me as PPC?

Robert Brown said...

North East Hertfordshire are looking I think. If you are being serious. Although for a shot at MP you will probably have to wait till next time, the career politicians will circle the marginals and safe seats untill the election.

Bearded Socialist said...

how would i go about putting myself forward?

Robert Brown said...

I do not know, but I know that the normal process of applying to be on the list of people chasing a seat has been dropped because we are close to the election.

Julian will know I expect.