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Friday, 4 September 2009

Bankers' pay

Right-ists are out in force (links to follow) to defend the rights of the well-paid to keep all their money without nasty state interference.
What I haven't yet seen is the lefties' case.
So i'll come up with one when I have time.
Not that anyone will read it, but that's another issue.
Help appreciated on that one.

Oh, and Southend won tonight. Woot

1 comment:

Rana said...

One reason that inequality matters, is because despite the right-wing argument that only absolute (not relative) wealth matters is because, simply, resources are nt unlimited.

Vast numbers of us, perhaps nearly everyone, would like a quiet secluded house, enough room for one bedroom for each kid, space for workshop, garage, not under a flightpath but close to good transport links and a major city centre. But the simple fact is that if you or a few have that, then I or the rest cannot.

This applies to anything that is not of infinite supply, not just peace and quiet and space but perhaps soon particular life-saving drugs or clean water.

That's one reason why inequality matters.