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Thursday, 10 September 2009


Julian Ware-Lane (top bloke) has written something on libertarianism for Labour list. Here's my two pennies worth:
"Mr Ware-Lane, top work. I wanted to get involved on here because there will be less people than Labour List and we can hopefully involve in a discussion about it, rather than have idiots shouting.
I am a liberal socialist, in that on social matters i am pretty much a libertarian. I believe in legalisation of drugs on the basis of liberty, although i am willing to balance this against the wider social picture.
economically i'm very much a socialist.
while I am in some senses a libertarian, i support the right of people to choose to loose some of their liberty (e.g. CCTV) to gain some. Classical liberalism, social contract etc.

Speed cameras are such a devisive thing. To me, the people who argue against them tend to be the ones who support tougher sentancing and cracking down on crime. Other people's crime. And that tends to be the libertarian case, to give themselves more liberty. In some cases it may mean liberty for others too, but they tend to see the the case for liberty through their own eyes.

I support things like higher taxes (an infringement on economic liberty) in order to bring about things which enable liberty, such as healthcare or education"


Rana said...

call myself neither a libertarian nor a socialist, but well said, your views seem common sense to me

Bearded Socialist said...

thanks very much, i do my best