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Monday, 28 September 2009

In Praise of Labour

I've got to be quick, but this article is class. I have to be quick because she's about to get locked up for being a loon, or at least removed from a mainstream newspaper for daring to praise Labour.
I like the whole thing, a reluctant support based on the knowledge that having the Tories in is not going to make Britain a better, more lefty place. To qualify, it's the criticism of Labour for being too far right i'm attacking there as the Tories won't be to the left of Labour. The 'better' thing is purely subjective.

"This remains a party with the right instincts. And that means it is one worth supporting when the time comes. We have all kicked it up and down the newspaper columns and the TV shows. I remain livid about the wars, the spivvery and the nest-feathering. But unless you actually want a less fair future, the time to rally round has arrived."

So, in summary: Support Labour, otherwise the consequences will be crap

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