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Thursday, 3 September 2009

the (economic) cure

I do like Ali Darling, I think the boy is top.

"keeping people in work, getting credit flowing and getting public spending on to a sustainable footing in the medium term"
good stuff. Keeping people in work would be my number one priortiy, and the medium-term approach is a good one, examplifed by
"the budget set out a clear plan for stable public finances by halving the deficit within four years"
i like that alot. it was right to borrow to invest to keep us going, and having a plan to get the money back (inc from banks) in the medium term is good thinking.

top bloke is Darling. Shame Brown has been meddling with him rather than running number 10. Honestly, he spent ten years trying to get from 11 Downing St to 10, then can't get his head around it because he's stuck in 11! GAH!!

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