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Thursday, 17 September 2009

drugs legislation

Now, i'm in favour of legalising at least some recreational drugs. I would put marajuana on the same footing as alcohol.
There's a bit in the Guardian disagreeing with me, so let's have a look through their arguements.

In attacking an advocate of legalisation, the piece is getting silly and bitchy:
"There are, it seems, no downsides to the government taking over the drugs market – just a road to unbroken harmony and state-sponsored highs."
it's worth noting how it starts, though that does not impact on the quality of the actual arguement. I won't go through the whole thing as it's long.

I don't like the way that the arguement is made, as it sounds more like a Daily Mail rant. Saying that legalisation will make doctors into dealers is silly:
"But who does the addict turn to when they want to come off the drug? Not the doctor to whom they are now linked, like the addict to the street dealer."

i'm certainly not convinved by the arguement that "The effectiveness of a government-regulated drug trade is already evident in the alcohol-fuelled violence that plagues so many of our cities,".
Surely it's better that these people are seen as wrong uns, and can get treatment, is better than just leaving them to suffer in the dark.
If anything, it seems like the author would like everything less healthy than apples should be banned.


Rana said...

don't buy the leftish argument in favour of "treatment" instead of prohibition in particular for "harder" drugs

bollocks to that, no free recreational drugs on the NHS, no free "recreational treatment" drugs on the NHS, if people want those drugs they pay for their own

of course, that doesn't excuse the lunacy of prohibition - and I'd allow the tax revenue from all sold drugs to be used for "education" so everyone is aware of the possible side effects

and if you steal because you need to build up your stock of heroin, you should get banged up for the theft, no excuses

Bearded Socialist said...

Thanks for the input.

I would say the thing about treatment comes not only from lefties, but in some cases also from people i know who do drug treatment work.
they have an opinion, but i'm sure there are just as diverse opinions amongst those who work with drug-addicts as those who don't.

i would agree with the no free drugs, i'd use the model of alcohol so that people can nip down the shop and buy X, Y, or Z. The money from the licences (to produce and sell) and taxes would pay for education into their proper use and treatment. Which may seem silly, but that's the way of things.

breaking the law would still stand as is, regardless of motivation (within reason)