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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

David Miliband

Listened to Miliband on the radio this morning and I was not happy with his performance, not that he cares i'm sure.
He was doing his best to avoid the question about his and Gordy's opinion on al Megrahi's release.
He kept saying that it was the Scottish government's decision, and refusing to give any indication of his opinion. It really pisses me off when politicians are so scared of offending someone that they just evade and try to wriggle out. Miliband is one of the worst of these as it is, but this morning i got really angry and frustrated. I nearly threw something at the radio, which I usually only reserve for Tories.
I couldn't bear listening to Cameron then come on and go on about how terrible the government is all that rubbish, so i avoided that.
But Miliband just really annoyed me this morning, gah!

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