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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Nick Clegg and Lib Dem policies

I'm getting really annoyed at Nick Clegg. He seems to be about nothing but really aggressive, negative soundbites. For example:
Clegg rounds on 'conman Cameron'

Nick Clegg is to turn his fire on David Cameron by labelling him the "conman of British politics".

"Mr Clegg called the VAT cut "pointless""
"The government's shamefully inadequate response allows young people to fester on benefits for almost a year before offering real help, while the Tories are typically silent on what they would do."

"He called Labour a "spent force" and the Tories "ideologically barren". "

they have a conference coming up and Vince Cable calling for measures which "include scrapping Trident nuclear submarines and other big defence projects like tranche three of the Eurofighter aircraft - although they are not yet party policy."
Good. The Eurofighter is a nightmare and we should get out of that. It's out of date and not important now.

Now I do like this:
"But the party, which meets this weekend in Bournemouth for the start of their annual conference, say they want to cut income tax paid by most workers by £700 a year through higher taxes on big business and the wealthy."

Good old Vince:
"But he also backed the government's argument - disputed by the Conservatives - that cutting spending immediately could put any economic recovery at risk.

"Contracting government spending and increasing taxation at this moment in time runs the risk of getting us into an even deeper recession". "

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