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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Gordy's speech again

a bit of both i suppose.
Thought Ed Miliband took a pasting on Newsnight, but on the detail, which is a problem.
People don't trust the government, so lots of unfunded problems will only go so far (what won't?)
One of the thinktank blokes on newsnight made a good point about the narrative of an intervening state lacking from the speech. i'm not big on these set piece events and narratives in speeches because i want my politicians to make good laws, not spout good poetry. The arguement is that they don't do either very much.

The Sun thing sucks, but who knows? It'd be nice to see Murdoch taken down a peg or two and the 'for the many not the few' thing is a narrative that won't go down too well in the Sun, but their bloke couldn't name any real issues/policies with Labour that he didn't like, which may be better or worse as it point to general malaise.

as i said before i think the base will decide the election on both sides, so pandering to middle England is, i think, the wrong ploy

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