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Thursday, 3 September 2009

A bit of fun here, or at least I hope so. Trying to work out whay Cameron stands for by looking at his wife's shop has to be a joke. right?

this quote sruck me:
"ID cards are some of the few things on which Cameron has managed to express an opinion: he thinks that the scheme will be a waste of money."

but rather than managing to express an opinion, Cameron has failed to NOT express an opinion, which is his usual stance. He makes Blair look like the most principled person on earth

otherwise people may catch on:
"C. Make the economy less of a worry for everyone. Which may seem absurdly optimistic given that we are living through the most devastating economic downturn in living memory, and given that Smythson is hardly a symbol of prudence as it charges £160 for its Scuba diving journal, £250 for its Game Book, £250 for its Yachting Log Book, £440 for a wedding photograph album, £975 for its “large nancy bag” and, most shockingly, £19.50 for an A5 refill pad. But one of the most distinctive things about the retailer is that these crazy prices don’t worry you once you enter the store. And they don’t worry you because it’s impossible to find them: I actually looked up these prices on the internet.

This psychological trick is employed by many luxury goods companies: by making price labels hard to find and by making the atmosphere of the store so painfully stylish, you make customers feel it would be uncouth to inquire about price and thereby increase the likelihood of them paying £400 for a bit of paper, out of sheer embarrassment if nothing else. It’s an approach that DC will surely be able to apply to government.

We can only hope that under the new Tories, discussing GDP, interest rates and public sector borrowing deficits will become naff and taboo, so that we can as a nation concentrate on less embarrassing, more critical matters, such as the relative merits of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. "

"Which suggests there will be room in Cameron’s Britain, if not for everyone, then at least for all millionaires. "

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