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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

BBC News - Cameron attacks Labour lack of Budget 'urgency'‏

Cameron's attack is typically all sound bites and no substance, and the relatively carefree environment of a press conference helps when "Mr Cameron declined to comment on reports that an incoming Conservative government would have to find £31bn of spending cuts."

"The Tories have said they will spell out more details of proposed cuts after the Budget but Mr Cameron said his party had already set out "the difficult choices" that would be needed. "

Cameron is trying to be all things to all people. he wants to cut the deficit, but says he won't actually take away all the things that people like. And he's going to do this impossible thing but (maybe no perhaps not sure) cutting government spending. So far all we've had from him is what he won't cut, rather than what he will. I assume they're remembering 1992.

For me, any savings made (e.g. I saw a piece in the Mail of all places saying the deficit was significantly better than expected) should be used to pay off the debt. No investment, no putting any money into anything, just pay back what we owe until it's all done. And that's why I'll never get anywhere in politics.

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