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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

BBC News - Gordon Brown warns economic storm not over‏

"Whoever wins the election will have to deal with "an enormous economic mess", said Mr Osborne, but he added: "The feeling out there in the country is that Britain is on the wrong track, we need change and the only way to deliver that change is to change the government and get in David Cameron." "

Sadly, the man who is very likely to be our next chancellor has little more to offer than crappy sound bites. Ozzy economics is not up to much at the best of times, and this is far from the best of times.
Ozzy, and Cameron who should know better, are doing textbook economics but failing to learn the lessons from their economic bedfellows like the Chicago school (my least favourite economic school). And that is that pragmatism is the way forward, not a dogmatic commitment to balancing the books in times of crisis.

We are at the apex of two competing ways of running the economy, I have my view, as does everyone else. I would personally feel far happier with someone other than Ozzy in charge of the economy. A blind, deaf one-armed monkey for example, would be more competent on economic matters.
I realise that there is a great deal of 'playing politics' going on, the kind that everyone claims to dislike and not do. The kind that everyone does, and the kind that works. Sadly.
The Lib Dems have often suffered electorally from being kinda like X and kinda like Y, and so we have these artificial divisions in order for the politicians to stake out their differing positions and the people to follow them. Slagging off Gordy, like Ozzy is doing, is a political rather than economic exercise.
My hope is that he is able to distinguish between the two when he has his hand on the tiller of the economy or it may feel that his hand is around the country's throat

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