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Monday, 29 March 2010

Lord Mandelson has stymied Jack Straw's Lords reform? Good | Michael White | Politics |‏

"Back to the Lords, where Jack Straw, himself admirably reactionary on matters like electoral reform and the euro, wants to create a 300-strong senate, elected one-third at a time every five years with a maximum of 15 years in the upper house.

Using PR, it would create a rolling, fluid majority, often different from that in the Commons, whose dominance would, nonetheless, be entrenched in law - at least in theory.

The trouble with two houses that are both elected, but elected in different ways, is that they can both claim the mandate of heaven."

I've been thinking along those lines myself. But make the second chamber advisory only, so they can tart up and amend but all under the will of the commons. And I'd still call the second chamber the Lords

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Annie Quick said...

Have you seen power2010's campaign for no more lords? Co-sign their letter now!