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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Peter Mandelson raises stakes in Lord Ashcroft row | Politics | The Guardian‏

""This is not actually about non-doms or donations. For all the complexity of Ashcroft's financial affairs, the story is a simple one," Mandelson said.

"William Hague [Tory leader in 2000] gave very clear undertakings to then prime minister Tony Blair and to parliament," said Mandelson, referring to the letter from Hague saying Ashcroft was "committed to becoming resident [in the UK] ... to fulfil his responsibilities in the House of Lords" and that this would cost him "tens of millions a year in tax".

But those undertakings "have not been met", the business secretary said."

Yeah, I agree.
Also, I wouldn't mess with Mandy. He may be the Dark Lord, but I'd certainly prefer him on my side rather than against

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