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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Political munting‏

Munting – from the verb to munt, meaning to ingest intoxicating and inebriating substances.

Related words munter – one who munts, munted – the effect of munting.

Now, one of my great political questions is who would I most like to go munting with out of numerous choices. For example:

Who would you rather go munting with, David Cameron or George W. Bush? I ask this because both have a past in which quite a bit of munting has allegedly occurred. I always answer Bush of those two. Politics aside, I think Bush seems like a decent bloke. Cameron is a stuck up slippery tart who I don’t think I’d get on with.

As for Labour people, I don’t think either Gordy or Blair would be my kinda munting partner. I think Ali Darling might be a bit of a dark horse who could be quite fun. Prezza probably knows a good time.

Is there a point to this?

Well yes. The person who I’d most like to have a beer with of those mentioned above is the person whose politics are furthest from my own. I’ve stated before that I think Cameron is on the left of his party, and if a Tory gets in I’d rather a Heath than a Thatcher.

Some people make their political choices based on personality, indeed Bush made his bid for the US presidency on the basis that he was kind of bloke normal people could share a pint with. Cameron is trying to do this, and it’s embarrassing. I don’t really care how good mates I’d be with X, Y, or Z politician. I want them to do their job well

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