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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Poll: David Cameron is still heading for PM, but can he win a majority? | Politics |‏

It's a shame that one individual is seen as more important than either party or policy in this poll, but I've never been big into polling.
At the end of the day, party and policy should come first. Not in polling, but in deciding policy. The centralisation of power (which Cameron has done everything to entrench and nothing to dismantle, despite his usual flowery words) is, perhaps, reflected in voters' views.
If one individual decides policy and priorities (like Blair is famous for doing), and collective, cabinet government is a thing of rose-tinted memory, then why not make the individual more important than party?
I think it's a shame as party and policy should matter more, but they don't so in some ways it makes sense that people reflect that


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