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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

We don't need goalline technology, we need living-room technology | Paul Wilson | Football |‏

He finally gets to a good point via some of the daftest arguments you could imagine.
At very least the technology currently available should be made available to the ref.
As my dad used to point out, however, where do you draw the line? Should it be international matches? European matches? Professional matches? If the last, who will pay for the installation at Southend? What about the differences in levels of technology? At Man U there will be 1000 cameras, at Southend there will be 1 camera and a camera-phone.
If those can be worked out, surely we must have some sort of technology available.
What is not acceptable is the current situation in cricket where some matches have tv technology and some don't, and this within the English domestic game where some matches are covered by TV and thus have technology, while others aren't and thus don't.

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