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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

BBC News - Is Darling planning a 'sensible' Budget?‏

"It is hardly an inspirational, rallying cry on the eve of an election - "Let's be sensible.""
More's the pity.

"So instead Mr Darling will point to the better than expected borrowing figures, the gradual fall in unemployment and the first tentative signs of recovery - to argue that the government is slowly but surely turning the economy around."
All good. I'd like to see that put back into paying off the debts.

"but, with an election just weeks away, Mr Darling will be under massive pressure from the man next door to let his "Mr Sensible" mask slip just a little."
He should tell the man next door to fuck off. Gordy would probably be out of a job by now if he'd succeeded in replacing Darling with Balls.

"The temptation will be to use the money to win some decent headlines about helping the young unemployed or supporting business.

But there is a strand of thinking in Labour circles that it may be more politically astute to use the spare money to pay off more of the deficit. The thinking being that this would wrong-foot the Tories and undermine their claim that the government wasn't serious about dealing with the deficit."
I'll have some of that please.

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