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Thursday, 25 March 2010

BBC News - Vince Cable: 'Chancellor said very little'‏

Vinny is right in that neither party has been honest about the cuts that are coming.
Cameron is trying to make a virtue of honesty but got scared of that strategy and is now only going on about how he won't cut this, and won't cut that.
Ozzy actually did the decent thing for the first time in his life when he made that bleak speech at the conference about how we're all fucked and all that, but I guess that didn't go down too well in the focus groups and so they retreated from that at a rate of knots.
Not that the Libs are doing anything more than muddling along, with that idiot Clegg trying to be all things to all people, saying taxes will be cut and services won't but that services won't get cut but taxes will and that there's plenty of money for this and they're being totally honest and up front guvnor.
Sad that the great profession of politics is reduced to this, but a country gets the politicians it deserves

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