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Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Tories' new Section 28 | Mark Simpson | Comment is free |‏

An excellent article that I wholeheartedly agree with. But that tends to mean the same thing.
Firstly the comparisons drawn between free-market liberalism and directing behaviour in certain ways is a classic right-ist paradox and shown up very well.
Now, I'm a lefty but not gay. I despise homophobia and attempts to change the way people are. I don't believe marriage is a wonderful panacea to cure all the world's ills just coz the Mail and Express say so.
I agree that supporting marriage through the tax system has an opportunity cost which is to punish those who aren't married, I don't think there can be any dispute of that.
And I agree that these proposals are wrong, though comparing them to Section 28 is, I think, over the top.
People should be free to fancy and marry who they want without the state getting involved. And if two homosexual people want to get married they should be able to just the same as two heterosexual people

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