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Monday, 29 March 2010

england XI for 2010

My England cricket team for summer 2010

1 strauss *

2 cook

3 pietersen

4 bell

5 collingwood

6 prior +

7 swann

8 Bresnan

9 Broad

10 Anderson 2

11 Finn 1

I think we need 5 bowlers, and having Swann, Bresnan and Broad means we have a stiff lower order. They can all average about 30 with the bat and allows my team to have two proper new ball bowlers. I don’t care that they can’t bat, it’s their job to bowl. Prior is good enough to bat at 6, and swann has a record worthy of batting at 7 so I’m willing to go with it because Broad at 9 is good insurance. It also takes pressure of Broad as a bowler.

Onions is the man who just looses his place to Bresnan as there isn’t a great deal between them with the ball and I think Bresnan will offer more in Australia


Anonymous said...

I believe this should be the squad:
1. Cook (vc)
2. Stauss (c)
3. Trott
4. Pieterson
5. Collingwood
6. Bell
7. Prior
8. Swann
9. Broad
10. Anderson
11. Finn/ any other fast baller

Brensan is a useless bowler. He has only done well against a weaker opposition such as Bangladesh.

Bearded Socialist said...

it's all about 5 bowlers man

Anonymous said...

then I rather have Luke Wright in the squad, or Dimi Mas.....

Anonymous said...

just as a reminder, both Pieterson and Collingwood can ball

Bearded Socialist said...

in limited overs wright and dimi can do a job, but i don't think they are good enough for Test cricket.
i like collingwood and pietersen's bowling so i'm happy to have them turn their arm over