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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Steve Bell: Bulger mother backs Straw on secrecy over Venables | Comment is free | The Guardian‏

I certainly agree with one of the posters that events like this show us society and people at their most bare.
Mel Phillips piece in the Mail attracted the usual nasty responses about how poor people should be neutered or the welfare state should be removed so that people starve, the usual level of comment I expect from the Mail. Mad Mel's article was about how we didn't need mob rule, we needed mob rule. Though with more exclamation marks and moral outrage.
I came up with a really good idea for a post about this last night, but can't remember beyond what I've put above.
We need a just society, and a compassionate society. Compassion not only to perpetrators, but to victims also. Easier said than done.
As usual the Mail's commenters have not shown our society or humanity in a good light

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