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Friday, 5 March 2010

Lord Ashcroft: new demands for a full tax inquiry

Pikey bastard. Of that there seems no doubt. Lying, two faced and fundamentally dishonest. But not just him, also all those willing to take his money to further themselves. Apparently he has no input into policy at all. Bullshit. People like that don't get and stay rich by giving all their money away.
No non-doms should sit in parliament, of any party. No representation without taxation: It's a simple reversal of the thinking from the American War of Independence.
He's a disgrace, and Cameron's moralising and broken promises (and Hague) show them in a poor light

Interesting couple of quotes I got:
"This is a man whom gave an unequivocal promise which he has since broken. The Tories do not see this as any problem as long as they were benefiting. So what is the status of the donations given to Tory associations in key marginals?
Unbreakable pledges do seem to get broken with remarkable ease around senior Conservatives.

I feel that this is going to emphasise that the Tories haven't changed. Which they haven't. We have in the red corner Gordon 'Incompetent' Brown and the blue corner Dave 'Lets stay rich and push the rules to the limits' Cameron. I am no fan of Brown, but the Tories are beginning to stink."

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