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Monday, 29 March 2010

BBC - Nick Robinson's Newslog: Intriguing political role reversal?‏

"stand by for Alistair Darling to claim that it is he who is being careful, cautious and candid whilst his opponent is making "reckless" promises.

In reply, Osborne is likely to argue that he and the Tories can be trusted to get more for less from government after years of Labour tax, waste and spending."

It seems we never get out of these basic archetypes. Politicians on both sides use the same tried and tired lines over and again.

The Tories are being a good opposition, not sure they're a government in waiting. The difference being that Cameron and Ozzy are claiming to be able to do everything: cut the deficit, cut taxes, not cut services, cut services, shrink the state.
I've highlighted before that Cameron keeps saying he won't cut X, Y, or Z service, but needs to be up front and honest about what they are going to cut. But both sides think people will be scared and go silly if they are open and honest, and they might just be right

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