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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Alan Duncan and inheritance tax

What a little prick he comes across as in this. Even the dumb young tory had a go at answering the question. Duncan keeps telling Harris to 'stop getting hung up' on inheritance tax.
What gets me is that he's a patronising git, attempting to do Harris down as a child rather than engaging and countering the arguements. I'd gave given him a clip round the ear and to learn some decency and manners.
Oh wait, but don't Tories have a monopoly on decency and manners?

A tax on ambition indeed, bollocks. In the odd case it does indeed take away some money people would pass down, but equality of opportunity means people should start from as equal a start as possible. They have taken an anomily and exrapolated it into a philosophy. I know it sucks that the state will tax what's passed from one generation to the next, but overall it is a hell of a good thing for the next generation as a whole. It goes against the wishes of the richest, but in favour of the rest.

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