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Monday, 12 October 2009

Cameron on Europem and last 'UK' Prime Minister?

"So the question facing the Tory leadership is quite clear: if, by next May, the Lisbon treaty has come into force and Europe has a new president, quite possibly Tony Blair, will Cameron keep his promise to hold a referendum? Yes or no? It's a straightforward question. He knows that to do so would risk a huge row with the rest of Europe, and a fully operational treaty would be harder to unpick than one not yet signed. That's why until now he has used the weaselly words that, if the treaty is signed, he would "not let matters rest there"."
sums it up pretty well.
Slimy git

"An independent Scotland means a Tory majority in England way into the distant future."
Scarey, but i'd imagine it wouldn't last.
I like Scotland, i love being part of the 'UK' with it. Though i'd prefer the Republic of Great Britain

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