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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Iain Dale on hosing protestors and having a sense of humour

Iain Dale said:
" Legitimate protest is one thing. Invading the parliamentary estate like this is quite another. Just leaving them up there on the roof with no intervention by the Police sends a simple message to others who might have the same idea: come on in, we’re too worried about negative press reaction to do anything.


I wish I had suggested to Bob Ainsworth that he send the army in with a water cannon. It’s the only language they understand."

add to that:
"For the humourless left, perhaps I should have added a smiley after that sentence. They really don’t do tongue in cheek humour do they? Po faced idiots."

What’s priceless about this, was that when Dale was attacked by the Daily Mail for being gay, they defended themselves with the ‘get a sense of homour’ line and Dale was saying how unpleasant it was. He said he felt the pain of those who had that attacked used against them.
How quickly things change

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