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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

FT on George Osborne

I did a little bit on Georgie Boy yesterday, but now the FT comes out against him:
"if he wants to be a successful chancellor, Mr Osborne will need to rein in his well-honed instincts on positioning and headline-grabbing in favour of greater focus on policy"

"if weak lending is the problem, Mr Osborne could simply have specified how much new lending he expected from the banks in return for public support. There was no need to appease the bonus-bashing mob and inflame anti-City sentiment further. Mr Osborne would have won fewer headlines for such an announcement, but he would have been advocating the sort of policy that separates a chancellor-in-waiting from a shadow chancellor."

I almost get the feeling the FT might come out in favour of Labour by the election. Will Osborne REALLY turn things round for himself in their eyes? I doubt it.
He's a politician, strategist and spin doctor. That in itself does not qualify him to handle the purse strings

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