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Monday, 12 October 2009

Tory economics

Another attack, this from Left Foot Forward.

I like this:
"the irony of Mr Cameron’s claim that the Conservatives are the party of jobs. They oppose the fiscal stimulus that is funding £5 billion of extra back to work support for the higher numbers unemployed now and which is also maintaining demand in the economy during the downturn to contain job losses. So this is jam tomorrow when people need help today – while the Tories repeat their mistakes from previous recessions."

On incapacity benefit:
"Less than a year out from the election, the Tories are keen to suggest that their plans are fully funded. The £600m upfront costs they say is needed apparently comes from assuming that half a million current IB claimants will fail the medical assessment and go onto the (lower rate) Jobseekers Allowance. Maybe, maybe not."

That's interesting because that means they have a target for 500,000 getting off incapacity benefit. Does that mean they have a target of 500,000?
If any of those people get jobs it will, of course, improve the financial balance of the model. Which is handy, because it's "fully funded" apparently.

"The truth is that helping people back to work costs money – which the Tories cannot find because they are putting debt reduction ahead of every other objective. It also requires positive action to ensure the chance of work is real. That is the principle behind Labour’s pledge to guarantee a job or training to every young person at risk of long-term unemployment."

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