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Friday, 23 October 2009

On being decisive. In defence of Gordy

""I was talking to a chap today and he mentioned Brown's dithering. The chap was a carpenter. As we chatted I pointed out that whatever I made with wood always had a wobble. "You've got to mark it out right" he told me. I said that I always did but more often than not the wood was the wrong size after I had sawn it.

Measure twice, cut once he told me. And it occurred to me. Brown does not dither, he makes considered decisions. Cameron, however, makes snap decisions. This makes Cameron look decisive, but more often than not, completely wrong. Brown, however, is right, but takes longer. Brown follows the maxim Measure twice, cut once and gets the decision right. That is the message we need to get across. " "

Too right, something i've long said, but put better here than i have so far managed.

I'd add that for Cameron the decisions are easy: which bandwagon to jump on and which tie to wear, where to part your hair in the morning. All very different from sorting out the biggest financial crisis in modern memory, or anything like that

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