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Thursday, 8 October 2009

From this Guardian, a vote on the thread.
There are lots of this i agree with, but not the voting Tory bit of course.
I believe in Labour, and i don't think they're all that bad. Better than the Tories when it's a straight fight between the two no matter what. They don't always do as i'd like but i believe in them

"It didn't need much to nudge me to vote Tory after the disaster of Nulabour.
After a lifelong commitment to Labour I expected not even vote at all, at the next election.
But three things impressed me.

Scrapping ID cards and the Nulab surveillance society.

Changing the tax system to make it actually worthwhile for the poorest to take work, if they find it.

The general tone of allowing people responsibility for their own lives. Not treating adults like children and not treating children like adults.

I'll still have to see these policy commitments confirmed in the next few months before I believe them. We'll see...."

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