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Friday, 9 October 2009

Broken Britain?

It's been said that "a bankrupt and broken nation? Well, the Tory activists, lobbyists and hangers-on who packed Manchester’s bars and restaurants this week seemed prosperous enough" and i'm inclined to agree. The 'broken' thing is taking it all too far.

"Senior Conservatives say that the gloom is all about honesty: tell it how it is and the voters will trust you. A slightly more cynical interpretation says that the darker the picture the party paints before the election, the more credit it will gain when prosperity returns."

Slash and burn is, i think, their 'narrative' just at the moment:
"My fear is that the urge to slash-and-burn has elbowed aside everything else; that for many in Mr Cameron’s party, the casting of government as the villain is a sufficient prospectus to govern."

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